Cop gets knocked out by lamborghini door

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Kenosha officer reportedly hit with brick during overnight protests

And then from here back it looks like they just haven't bothered! Honestly, I have seen more attractive gangrenous wounds than this. Inside Edition 4, views. O'Meara was one of the guests who said it was police and firefighters pounding on their doors that alerted them, not a fire alarm. You may also like. This time, they were carrying a free heater for his home.

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The officer did not see it coming. I need some stimulus man so there was a guy Much extra stimulus money he went and bought a Lamborghini with it. The Grand Report is an American hip hop, urban, news video blog site that show emphasis on current events, reality tv and random shock videos from across the world. But these computer recreations--Facebook, YouTube, IM, iChat, Video Chat, MySpace--were already out of the gate, galloping away with my daughter long before I learned what they were; I was too late to make any privacy policies about them even if I'd wanted to.

The infamous, "you need to go back to your country" line spewed with hate comes out of this Karen's mouth as she harasses a young woman who is minding her own business at the check out counter.

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Kenosha officer reportedly hit with brick during overnight protests

Moral of the story: always leave your condoms in the car. The winner would be the one whose car was picked by the mystery celebrity. The movie features: arcade-robots, dinosaurs, Nazis, Vikings, Norse gods, mutants and a super kung-fu cop called Kung Fury, all wrapped up in an 80s style action packed adventure. Either way, the Hellcat out-horsepowers them. Its implied that the cop has driven aboard the car carrier also.

Now living in Los Angeles, Meier, a self-described automotive consultant, 59, has a laid-back demeanor that conceals his ownership of an unrestored Lamborghini Miura PS in spectacular factory orange paint. I think he has a call for the body up there.

The car was owned in brand-new condition by a year-old Iranian girl while she attended UC Berkeley in the s.

Ever see the very strange Basalt Column Canyon? I'll be honest. Call CALL Somehow though, by some miracle, he managed to do as the strange Cybertronian told him to and flew precisely through the small opening, smashing into the driver's seat and door as the red Lamborghini immediately floored it and sped out of the parking lot.

A lawyer is getting out of his car when another vehicle comes along and rips the door right off the hinges. A cop sees the whole thing and comes over to assist the lawyer who is screaming profanities at the driver of the other vehicle. Caught on camera - many clips. I was sitting in my living room watching t. Chloe Grace Moretz and her family are reeling after a total stranger rolled up to her crib, and brazenly knocked on the front door looking for a face-to-face with the actress.

Jennifer uses fish hooks to keep Stanley's eyes open while she pulls out a fish and guts it, and spreads the guts all over his face. Volunteers are available by phone Monday through Friday, 11A to 1P.Police in Sacramento, Calif. Suddenly, more than 20 shots ring out from inside the door, FOX 40 reported.

Chip hurries away from the doorway and takes cover in an adjacent carport. On Friday, suspect Adel Sambrano Ramos, 45, was charged with murder, attempted murder and possessing illegal weapons. He was arrested after an eight-hour standoff. Hahn said officers needed to wait until an armored vehicle arrived, or "we would have additional officers murdered that day," the Associated Press reported.

The officers had come to Ramos' home because he had failed to appear in court for a domestic violence charge. Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox. Rookie Sacramento cop fatally shot after gunman ambushes police responding to domestic violence call year-old Tara O'Sullivan is the first Sacramento officer killed in the line of duty in 20 years; Christina Coleman reports. Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox Arrives Weekdays.Like we've seen so many times before over the years, a cop who did not want to be recorded grabbed a man's phone and tossed it, a clear violation of the man's Constitutional right to record but one that rarely goes enforced.

However, this time, the man responded by knocking the cop out before running away. The San Jose police officer ended up getting dragged away by fellow officers. It does not appear as if they arrested the man who knocked the cop out but there is no doubt cops are going to be on the lookout for him.

The incident took place Friday during a protest demanding justice for George Floyd who was killed by Minneapolis police earlier this week. A video shows a man with his phone walking in front of police officers with his camera as if recording. The man who was wearing a facial mask and carrying a skateboard moved from one cop to the other when the second cop grabbed his phone and tossed it aside.

The man responded by slapping him down. Unfortunately, the moment the man's hand made contact with the cop's face did not get recorded because the person recording had panned the phone towards where the phone had been tossed. But it shows the cop going down as the man runs away. Another video shows the cops tending to him while he remains knocked out before they drag him away to safety. Watch the video above which includes a portion in slow motion.

Below is another video showing San Jose police attacking a man who had walked up to them recording with a phone in his hand. He also fights back but it does not appear he got away.

There is a growing movement of people who are fed up with what happened to George Floyd and happening daily across USA. No practicing photographer would rush up to within foot of his subject like the men in the two videos did. I couldn't even believe someone was legitimizing this story when I bumped into this article, after seeing excellent articles here on actual bad or negligent conduct by police.

In the first video here, a man holding a phone in front of him seems to lack the most basic photography skills to know not to aggressively march into a cop or other subject and shove the phone four inches from the cop's face because you can easily get a closeup using your zoom if you are not clueless. Standing 4 to 6 feet away instead of 4 to 6 inches away you can fill your screen and get all you need.

You could do the same from 14 to 16 feet away. But this phone guy stomps right into the cop, the cop takes the phone and tosses it, and the guy batters and assaults the cop instead of retrieving the phone and leaving. I can't empathize with this; it does not represent my values as a photographer. I know no activist media team videographer who would use his phone this way. This behavior makes all of us look bad if you justify or praise it.

You do us all a disservice giving it space because watching this does not inspire sympathy, unlike your excellent other stories. To the person lower down the page claiming the phone is a weapon of defense, no it is not. Saying such garbage puts all legit photographers at risk. It is a shield some of us use to remind police that protestors should not be assaulted, but I do not walk up with it and shove it against anyone's face, and if someone shoved a phone up into my face, I might knock it away as I would any other object shoved at me aggressively by a hostile person charging into me.

Re the second video, another man charges up into a police officer's space while the police line is starting to advance. That is not the time to aggressively charge into the space ie within a foot of a police officer. Dumb, to say the least.

If the cop was going to do something he should of just grabbed the guy and said he's going. Funny, a loser POS gets his phone tossed and he escalates to violence! It is just a phone, I hope Bubba takes care of him in prison! Having it knocked away puts the person who could be recording in reasonable fear that their life, safety, or liberty are going to be violated by an assailant who wants to hide what they are doing.

Man in the white shirt that help carry the unconscious cop away, later shot by another sociopath. While viral video of Tim Harper helping an injured officer circulated, so did a clip of San Jose police, Jared Yuen, taunting protesters during a George Floy Your stupid bitch brother got knocked out like the little bitch he is.By Sara Dorn.

May 30, pm Updated May 31, pm. Shocking video posted to Twitter shows a brazen, barefoot woman punch a Baltimore cop twice in the face — and then knocked out cold by another officer.

Video of the Friday night incident shows the woman shouting at officers before one grabs her arm and she attempts to walk away. She then punches the cop in the face, before a second officer grabs her arms from behind. Her body appeared to be limp for several seconds before she was seen lifting her head slightly, as an officer stood over her, the footage shows.

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Comment required. More On: police brutality. But she breaks free and connects fist to face again. Video length 43 seconds Read Next Trump shuns handshake to avoid coronavirus faux pas.

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Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.Graphic video posted by Twitter user BotchlaUS on Sunday night shows a pair of officers walking around a police car amid a backdrop of fighting and small fires when the officer is seen suddenly collapsing to the ground. It wasn't immediately clear if the officer was from Kenosha Police Department or another law enforcement agency.

Hours earlier, a person was hospitalized in serious condition following a shooting at about 5 p. Police did not provide details about what led to the shooting, but said the person was transported to a hospital in Milwaukee for treatment. A video posted earlier that day on social media appeared to show the shooting from across a street. Three officers could be seen shouting and pointing their weapons at the man as he walked around the front of a parked SUV.

Seven shots could be heard on the video, though it was unclear if more than one officer fired. By late Sunday, multiple vehicle fires had been set and windows smashed along city thoroughfares as crowds faced off with law enforcement.

Officers in riot gear stood in lines and SWAT vehicles remained on the streets to move people away from city buildings despite the declaration of an overnight curfew. Cellphone and interior surveillance footage shared by CBS 58 shows people looting multiple local stores. Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox.

Check out what's clicking on Foxnews. Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox Arrives Weekdays.A COP allegedly punched a woman in the face and knocked out her teeth during a protest to pull down a Christopher Columbus statue. Video shared on social media shows the moment Miracle Boyd, 18, was apparently struck by an officer in Chicago on Friday.

Cop gets knocked out by lamborghini door

In the video, a cop is seen approaching a teenage girl before he swings his fist at her and appears to make contact with her face. A GoFundMe organized to help cover her medical expenses claims Boyd — who is an activist of anti-violence group GoodKids MadCity — had just spoken to a crowd of protesters at Grant Park when the confrontation occurred.

She has advocated for an end to "systemic police violence" and a "lack of neighborhood investment," according to the GoFundMe. Some demonstrators had planned to pull down a statue of Christopher Columbus and lassoed it, but failed when police intervened, Injustice Watch reported. Boyd tried to "deescalate" the situation as the unidentified officer neared her before he allegedly knocked her phone and hit her, the GoFundMe claims. Cops said that items including fireworks, frozen water bottles, and rocks were thrown at cops on Friday, WMAQ reported.

As officers and demonstrators clashed, at least 18 cops were injured, and 12 people were arrested, the news station reported. The Civilian Office of Police Accountability said several complaints have been filed against cops.

She condemned people for throwing items at cops and the called the reported excessive force by police "unacceptable.


The clash came amid ongoing protests following the death of George Floyd. Video of the incident showed Floyd saying "I can't breathe" multiple times — but Chauvin did not move his knee. Public outrage was sparked after the incident, and demonstrators across the nation have shown support for the Black Lives Matter movement as they call for an end to systemic racism. Sign in. Home News Entertainment Lifestyle Sport.

All Football. Kassidy VavraNews Reporter. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed here.A Chicago police officer was recorded on video punching a teen activist in the face at a demonstration on Friday July 17knocking out several of her teeth. The woman, year-old Miracle Boydtold BuzzFeed News that she had finished making a speech to protesters in Grant Park when she began recording a Facebook livestream of a confrontation between police and protesters.

I was trying to get footage of the police viciously attacking on people. The livestream captured police knocking her phone to the ground.

A video from a witness across the street showed her stepping back when the officer punched her. You need to DefundCPD now! Justice for Miracle!!! DefundCPD pic. Users can unsubscribe at anytime. James Conley III says the employees never apologized after they realized their mistake.

Published July 19th. Written by Nigel Roberts. The officer is reportedly under investigation by the police department. Get the latest from BET in your inbox! Sign up now for the latest in celebrity, sports, news and style from BET. Latest in news.


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