Divinity 2 ryker ritual

T he Swornbreaker is a unique weapon in Divinity Origianl Sin 2. Combat-wise, it is not only very powerful, but it is also related to many quests and using it wisely can bring you lots of rewards even change the ending of the game. There are two Swornbreakers in D:OS 2. At the end of the Blackpits Mine, there is the gate to Ancient Temple. Use Pyro skills to destory the gate.

In the heart of Ancient Temple, there is a puzzle, and seven shrines of seven gods, you need to activate them in the correct order. The riddles are:. The key to the puzzle is within a book on a corpse within the Ancient Temple chamber.

It will say on the second page that each god is a representation of an element or power:. After you hit all the pillars in the correct order, an Eternal will appear, and have an interesting conversation with your god. You need to defeat the Eternal and her stalkers. Loot the place and you will find the tablet. East of the Temple of Rhalicthere is a troll guarding a cave:. Simply kill that troll, or pass a speech check to convince him to let you in the cave you will gain 20,XP for killing him.

If you kill him, you will need to nuke him down as he regenerates around health per turn.

The path to the Sallow Man will be clear. The swornbreaker piece is inside a chest at war room. Either you sneak there, or kill the Black Rings to get it. Once you have all three pieces, you can combine them to create Swornbreaker. After you pull the lever, enter the vault through that hatch:. At the end of the vault, cast Spirit Vision, and put the painting you acquired from thieves guild in the frame.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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Install Steam. Store Page. Divinity: Original Sin 2 Store Page. Global Achievements. Arkinblodd View Profile View Posts. I have no idea how to complete the ritual after I already gathered 3 source point from the teachers.

Any idea what should I do? When I talked to Meistr, she kept brushing me off and told me that I have ritual to complete. Once again, how to complete the ritual?

Answer: Originally posted by Bret :. Last edited by Arkinblodd ; 17 Sep, pm. Showing 1 - 13 of 13 comments. Vorst View Profile View Posts.

You have to do the almost exact same thing you did the first time you did the ritual. Cut yourself with the knife you got from her room, you then ask her where you can find more blackroot, go get one, come back, combine the bowl with the blackroot and the bloody knife, place it on the rack, turn the valve to heat the bowl up and make the smoke again.

Originally posted by Vorst :. Bret View Profile View Posts. Anyone have any way to spawn or find a new obsidian knife?Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Short description goes here. A trail of blood can be found west and north of Driftwood, just south of the westernmost troll bridge, which is protected by Grog the Troll.

How to Get The Swornbreaker – Divinity Original Sin 2

Following the trail a little east to an area roughly below the bridge leads to Garvan's supplies. A void-touched beastmaster and his pets will ambush you. Using Wits you can discover a shallow grave with a limb for an elf to eat.

divinity 2 ryker ritual

Talk to him to discover the truth of his death and agree to avenge him. If you do not, Garvan won't give you any dialogue options that would lead into a confrontation with him.

Where to find Blackroot for ritual(Divinity Original Sin 2)

Find Garvan in the above-ground tavern in Driftwood sitting at a table. The only way to kill him without causing the entire town to become hostile is to poison him with Tainted Stew.

Exit the door near Garvan and walk toward the rear of the tavern to the outhouses and speak with the ill woman inside. You can purchase Void-Tainted fish cheaply from the fishmonger merchant in the Driftwood Square.

Speaking with Garvan with the stew in your inventory will give you the option to feed him the Tainted Stew. Garvan will then move to the other outhouse behind the tavern, next to the woman's outhouse. Speak to him through the door and he will emerge. Confront him about the murder of Trader Liam and he will attack you without making anyone else hostile.

Looting his corpse will give you Garvan's head. Hand it over to Liam and he will mark the treasure Garvan failed to find as your reward. Have him tainted stew and he attacked me by the outhouses. Everyone else still went red on my mini map. It has to be a "void tainted" fish, a "poisoned fish" will not work to combine.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Short description goes here.

Join the burial ritual at Elf encampment and show your respect, and the quest is completed. If you don't have an elf character, you need to pass persuasion check. Use shapeshift mask to try again if all your characters failed. If you cannot persuade the elves to let you enter, first complete The Elven Seer.

My log shows completion for Elven Seer but after speaking with all the elves, they just thank me for returning Saheila and none of them talk about any burial. Use the helmet wich allows you to transform into different races and become an Elf. At the burial rite, follow their lead and you get exp and Epic rewards. To perform the ritual well and receive the rewardyou need to be elf or use the shapeshifter mask and always select the first option.

Just follow the elves and do what they do, except in the beginning, if you're human the only "good" thing you can do is say a prayer to Rhalic.

Don't kick your feet. I didn't need to pass a persuasion check during this quest, only one to begin it. It was completed for XP and it says "you performed adequately, but it could have been worse".

To pass the check you need to be an elf or have Fane shape shift into an elf. AND give the "right" answer. If I remember correctly I used the "traditional elven greeting".

Is there a way to get approval from the elfs after the ritual? Whatever I pick they are not pleased and the elder says that I should not help. If you fail all your persuasion checks you can just equip Fane's Mask of the Shapeshifter and try the check again.

I ran into this quest early while exploring, failed the checks and moved on. Even my elf failed. Sign In Help Sign Out. Toggle navigation. Search Results. Join the page discussion Tired of anon posting? Submit Submit Close.

Load more.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Coming across a brazier, you are allowed engage in a trial for elves. Will you succeed? An elven structure of sorts can be found east to the Driftwood-field Waypoint, across the river. There will be four statues surrounding a brazier in the location. Be prepared ; as soon as you light up the final totem, four challengers will appear and initiate combat with you. Each challenger Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring have an immunity to their corresponding element, and are rather strong if you are the same level as them.

They are level Defeat them all and the brazier will speak to you, congratulating you on your victory and spawning a chest, along with a phoenix heart for the taking.

divinity 2 ryker ritual

The quest is complete at this point. Evasive aura works well if you have the source orbs and can socket in amulets. Did it at level 14, had two characters die. I resurrected them. If I could have cast Deploy Mass Traps, this fight would probably have ended in three turns, at most. Can't get summer to work. I tried converting a steam cloud to a poison cloud then setting it on fire but it just makes the poison cloud disappear If need be and you dont have an elf, if you can make a Mask of the Shapeshifter or have Fane, you can turn a character into an elf and have them eat the Phoenix heart.

This will still give them the Flaming tongues skill even if you go out of elf form. This fight is extremely doable at I positioned Lohse and Ifan on the platform before the battle began. First round, I focused on stripping magic armor from a couple enemies. Fane summoned bone widow. Lohse sent Autumn on a short beach vacation with teleport. From there, it's just basic CC with focus fire.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos.

Short description goes here. Both Almira and Ryker will want you to find the same tablet. To complete both safely, offer the tablet to Almira first. She won't actually take the tablet from you.

This was a bug that has since been fixed. If you are willing to kill Ryker, it is still possible to obtain the rewards from both quests: go to Ryker with the tablet, and have him fulfill his part of the deal first so you get the reward of either a source point or skillbook. Then, refuse to give him the tablet.

He will attack you, but you now still have the tablet to give to Almira. In a Mansion at Stonegarden, Ryker asks you to retrieve a special tablet for him, in exchange he will teach you the way of the source. The tablet is inside the blackpits caverns. At Roost's room in a sawmillyou find a contract, suggesting Ryker is a Lone Wolf assassin and tasked to kill all godwokens he encounters. If Reimond gives you the authority to assist the magisters, you can pass here without violence.

Otherwise, you will have to fight your way through. Inside the gate, you will see a white magister interrogating a sourcerer apprentice of Hannag, require for quest On the Ropes.

You can opt to skip this intervention right now as the fight will eventually lead to large waves of oil voidwokens and fire voidwokens appearing. On the other side of the harbor, Quartermistress Anna is guarding the Blackpit mine. Defeat her to get into that mine. Or you can use Teleportation or Spread Your Wings to get through. Deep inside, there's shrieker guarding the waypoint.

Use the Purge or Source Vampirism skill to destroy it. Note: If you keep the purging wand you acquired from Fort Joy, you can use it now to kill the shrieker. If not, you need to master source and complete the ritual in Powerful Awakening to learn the Source Vampirism skill.

The source vampirism has very short range, you may need to use your teammates to distract them. Defeat the Voidwokens, then you can persuade the magisters if there is any of them left you are just passing by, or you will have to kill the magisters as well. From one of the magister's body, you will find a key to a room nearby. Inside the room there is a hidden stone door, you need to get really close to discover it.

divinity 2 ryker ritual

Leave the excavation site, venturing forth to the workshop, a group of magisters is here.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Divinity: Original Sin 2 Store Page. Global Achievements. Joel View Profile View Posts. Hey guys, so I'm at the point in act 2 where I have three source points and wrapping up some quests.

However, I'm currently at the Ryker ritual where he'll do a sacrifice to teach me something. I got the source points from Mordus and helping Hannag. Can Ryker offer anything more, or would it be okay to disrupt the ritual? Also, having three source points, is the game pushing me to go to the next act and is the rest of the content in act 2 optional to do? Showing 1 - 2 of 2 comments. Slayer View Profile View Posts.

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