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KSI V Joe Weller

Advanced Ninja. AdVenture Capitalist. Adventure Quest Worlds. Adventure Story.KSI has finally revealed some concrete details about his boxing rematch with fellow YouTuber Logan Paul and diehard fans will probably not be pleased. It seems that the second match is proving a bit of a logistical nightmare, which isn't being helped by Logan's team, who have no exactly been the most proactive when it comes to getting the million moving pieces in order that it takes to stage an event like this.

Now, in a new video, KSI says that the original February date will definitely not be reached due to slowness on the part of Paul's team when it comes to getting things in place. KSI now wants the fight to take place in Novemberas he feels that gives both of them enough time to prepare, and have time to work on other independent projects. KSI and Logan Paulas I'm sure you will have heard, had a much-hyped boxing match in Manchester in August of which has resulted in the challenge of an epic rematch.

Before they stepped into the ring both their younger brothers Jake and Deji had a little swing at each other, resulting in a win and a bloodied nose for the loveable Jake Paul. First round over.

Jake Paul is bleeding from the nose. Deji has blood on his white gloves. It was then that KSI and Logan entered the arena. Despite a large amount of pre-fight trash talk from each other, that fight ended in an almost perfect draw. This meant that KSI retained his belt, but neither fighter was declared the winner a n extremely convenient turn of events considering they had already booked a second boxing match at that point but hey let's not worry about that now.

Both Logan and KSI made videos in which they tried to argue that they had actually handily won the fight. Now it seems that the only true way to know which of these two YouTubers is Is that the point of this?

What is the point of this? The only way to know who the ultimate victor is is to have a boxing rematch, which is what is happening. The initial deal the pair made seems to have been that one fight would take place in the UK and one in the US, so that each of the fighter's countries could be represented. With Manchester done and dusted, the States are next.

KSI says that he wants the fight to take place on the East Coast preferably New York or Bostonas this will allow viewers in the UK to watch the fight at a reasonable time.

However, he says that Logan's team want it on the West Coast probably because that's where Logan liveswhich KSI feels would make no sense for international viewers, due to the immense time differences. I should have won that, lets be honest.

He had the first 2 rounds on me because I started slow and that was about it. If it was 12 rounds he would have lost. Either way, it was a good fight. With the pair coming to an almost exact draw this time around, despite KSI's home-crowd advantage, it's anyone's guess as to who will win the next fight. Logan may have a slight edge because he's on home soil - but who knows?

Anything could happen.The drama began when both KSI and Weller "crashed" each others panels. When Joe came into JJ's panel, he was allowed on stage by security and the two had a brief pushing contest before being pulled apart.

At the end of the conference during a face off, Joe barged into KSI and a fight erupted when JJ threw security and one of Joe's friends to the floor trying to get to Joe. Security quickly pulled Joe off the stage. It is unknown if this was fabricated for dramatic effect. In SeptemberJoe made his own video where he responded to the drama. The match was officially confirmed to be happening.

The fight itself was promoted heavily in the month leading up to it. KSI had provided updates on his fitness journey during the latter half of and was clearly taking it incredibly seriously.

Weller didn't post much until a week or so before the fight. The match generated an awful lot of press coverage in the UK, with the biggest newspapers in the country talking about it.

On 3 Februarythe fight happened. KSI clearly had the upperhand throughout the fight but Joe stood his ground, until the third round in which KSI was officially declared the winner by the referee.

At the end of the fight, different Sidemen members entered the ring, congratulating JJ when it was determined he had won the fight. Around 20 million people are thought to have watched the fight, with the livestream alone generating millions. The fight was trending worldwide on Twitter accounts mass media attention. Among the thousands of people watching the fight in the venue itself, many YouTubers came out en-masse to support their friends, including:.

KSI continually looked for another opponent to box, asking his subscribers who he should fight. Many wanted him to fight fellow YouTuber Adam Saleh. KSI set up polls asking his audience to vote.Bryan Quang Le [4] born November 19,better known as RiceGumis an American YouTube personality and rapper, best known for his diss tracks and online feuds with other YouTube personalities.

Le was born in Las VegasNevada, on November 19,to a Vietnamese father and a Chinese mother, both of whom are immigrants. The video was viewed over 39 million times before being set to private. In the ad, he plays a man on a subway who is inspired by Iggy Azalea to fashion a headset from scratch, which is accepted by an executive. Ian Carter, a YouTuber by the channel name of iDubbbzTVmade an episode of his popular "Content Cop" series on RiceGum a series where he critiques other YouTubers' contentwhich received over 47 million views and over 2 million likes.

The end of the video featured the diss track " Asian Jake Paul ". The diss track was met with a negative reception, currently holding 1.

ksi house 2

In the video, he asks strangers and a staff member in a local McDonald's if they have dog on the menu as he says "Asians eat cats and dogs in China. Online commentary has compared the video to Logan Paul 's Japan vlog controversy[33] saying that he is being disrespectful and culturally insensitive in a foreign country. Two weeks later, on June 26, when the video received different criticism in China and other Asian countries, RiceGum released a video, saying that he was just "joking around".

He further explained that he believed it is acceptable as he is Asian.

However, the video was considered insincere; media site Polygon described that his apology was done "in a somewhat glib manner" and What's Trending said the "apology" "sounded [incredibly] forced". In JanuaryRiceGum, along with Jake Paul, came under fire for promoting MysteryBranda website which offers the chance to open a digital "mystery box" of pre-selected items with a promise to win one in real life at random.

Many users have said they have not received prizes they won through the site, and concluded the site is a scam. Why did no-one bring it up, or even talk about these guys? This mystery box thing has been on the internet for 3 or 4 months even from other creators, but as soon as I do it, it's a problem?


However, many people called him out for the Amazon codes already being expired. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Some of this article's listed sources may not be reliable. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. September Learn how and when to remove this template message.The group still sticks to their roots, gaming content, but has also branched out to vlogs, challenges, rap videos, reaction videos, and more.

JJor KSI, is one of the more popular members of the sidemen group with over 17 million subscribers. He was also one of the first members to join the sidemen group and lived in a house with other members for a while before leaving the group in early JJ created many diss tracks against the other members, in particular, Ethan, and has since made amends with him and all of the members.

Another member of the YouTuber group the sidemen, Vikstarhas multiple channels adding up to be a total of around 10 million subscribers. He started off creating Minecraft videos for an extremely large audience and is still known as one of the largest Minecraft YouTubers.

Vik joined the sidemen early on and was a large contribution to the team as his channel was growing rapidly at the time. He currently runs all three of his channels with regular uploads and daily streams. His main content at the moment is around the game Fortnite. Vik mostly enjoys streaming the game but also uploads videos regularly. Youtuber with just under 3 million subscribers, Behzinga is another active member of the sidemen.

His videos include vlogs, gaming videos, comedy skitsand more. Sincehe has been creating videos regularly and growing at a consistent rate. He lives in the sidemen house with roommates Vik, Miniminter, and Zerkaa. Recently, Behzinga has been bringing attention to himself by calling out a Team 10 member, Nick Crompton to box him after a joke was brought about by another YouTube.

It is unknown if the two will compete in a boxing match at the moment, but there should be more information surfacing soon. Zerkaa, or Josh has been apart of the sidemen group since and has grown his YouTube channel to a whopping 3 million subscribers. His content started solely on FIFA gaming videos but he since changed a lot. Most of the videos uploaded to his channel are vlogs, challenges, and car videos. Josh owns a Nissan GTR and enjoys trying new things in his videos to entertain his viewers.

Simon, who is also known as Miniminter is a member of the Sidemen group.

KSI Age, Height, Real Name, Girlfriend, Net Worth And More

Also, he collaborates with other members and makes videos of them completing challenges together. These types of challenges include quizzes, football challenges, funny challenges, patience tests and many more different types. He is known as one of the smartest Sidemen members along with Vik and is also one of the best footballers.

A popular member of the Sidemen Group is Wroetoshaw. Wroetoshaw is known for being one of the most energetic Sidemen and is very loud in his videos. Additionally, he joined the Sidemen at the beginning of the year which was a few months after the group had already joined but was still extremely welcomed into the group. E-mail is already registered on the site. Please use the Login form or enter another. You entered an incorrect username or password.

YouTube can be a bit scary for parents who have young, impressionable children.Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media. In one video, he was listed as 5ft 11 and 78kg. Markiplier 5ft 9 cm. Not sure about that Rob? Click Here KSI looks slightly taller??? Editor Rob.

ksi house 2

Three of them are class guys. Here's my pic with them and I am a weak 6 foot guy. Click Here. Assuming logan is 6'1.

I think he's a bit taller than you have him listed. KSI hits 6ft in his dreams I'm sure. He claims 5 ft 9 but he looked really small with jake Paul, I thought he was like 5 ft 5 so I looked at some photos and he might be 5 ft 6 7 based on a photo with KSI but he looked similar to the 5ft 9 listed David Dobrik Click Here Editor Rob. KSI was wearing Kyries that add an inch at least and Jake was wearing boxing shoes which are flats basically. This confirms that Jake is half inch taller than KSI.

So please stop overestimating his height as anything over CM. His height has been debunked several times. I don't know why people are still deluded enough to think he's anything over 5' JJ was put as taller than Harry. He's 5'10 range.

ksi house 2

Mini said that because he claims 6'2. In reality he's like 6'1. There is 3 inches between KSI and Mini. You're 5'10" range like KSI from what it looks like. Camera angles, lighting, footwear, how long the people have been on their feet etc.

And even if photos don't lie, people do lie. You seem to be one of those people. You seem to be completely deluded about your own height. KSI is nowhere near 6 ft. Look at him next to a weak 6'2" like Logan Paul and then compare him to yourself.

You'll see the difference. He's much closer to 5'11" than 6'0" all the time. He's a solid 5' He's taller than Harry who's a flat 5'10". Sensei doesn't look much different from him, they could measure within a fraction of each other. Im guessing to The guy is no more tha 5 '10 and could easily be 5'9 as he is not tall whenever i see him with his entourage!Welcome to Jump Scare Games! This website is dedicated to providing the best free online scary and horror games that the internet has to offer.

You will find game categories such as, scary point and click, pop up, action and others. Be warned though! Our personal top game choices that we recommended playing are Exmortis 2in this game the player explores a mysterious haunted church with a dark past.

The House 2 is a creepy point and click adventure, the player will enter a forbidden house where murders and a suicide took place. In Cellar Door the player wakes up locked in a basement, A ghost girl appears and needs help.

The Killer Escape series is an amazing interactive horror adventure, featuring psychopaths and aliens. Road Of The Dead 2 is a great action packed on the road driving zombie shooter.

The best pop up scare on this website has to be the Scary Mazethe player travels through a maze trying not to touch the walls and then something happens! Please share, tell a friend or family member if you enjoyed this website.

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Have fun! Chrome Web Browser works best for this website! All Games. Axylem Rehash. Evil Asylum. Real Horror Stories. Scary Maze Exorcist. Slender Winter Edition.

Lodge Massacre 2. Lodge Massacre. Ask The Spirits 2. Exmortis 2.


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